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2019 Summa F1612-2 [#91629] [image] $Call.
Flatbed router and cutter. One Tangential module, one Double Edge Cutout Tool, one HF Routing System, and one Kiss Cut Tool.
Size: 63x47 cutting area. [request more information]



Digital Printing

2008 HP Indigo 7500 [#91666] [image] Call, looking 4 offers.
Digital press with chiller, transformer, and has white option.
Size: 5 color, 13x19 inch [request more information]
2013 HP Scitex FB700 [#91565] [image] $17,000
Digital wide format UV flatbed printer, media up to 2.5 inch thick, white ink.
Size: 6 color, 98 inch max width [request more information]
2015 Epson SurePress L4033AW [#91706] [image] $71,500
Roll to roll digital label press, print paper or plastic, no primer needed, all print heads good.
Size: 7 color, 13 inch wide [request more information]
2012 Kongsberg XL20 [#91590] [image] $Call.
RIP: Artios Cad, FaceCut, XLGuide all on a Windows XP Box. Has milling head.
Size: 66x50 [request more information]
2018? Kornit Breeze [#91464] [image] $Call.
Direct-to-garment inkjet printer with Adelco Digi-Cure dryer.
Size: Image area 18x14 inch. [request more information]
2020 Aeoon KYO 12/3 DTG [#91646] [image] $Call.
Direct-to-Garment printer, very fast printer up to 180 16x8 inch pieces per hour. Sold with hand feed conveyor pretreater. 12 print heads and 3 print stations. Max image size 79x39 inch! with frameless pallet.
Size: 12 color [request more information]



Sheetfed Presses

2007 Heidelberg SM52-4 Anicolor [#91705] [image] $35,000 ex site
Get up to color fast with Anicolor Ink System, no ink keys, semi autoplate (no wrench, auto cylinder positioning).
Size: 4 color, 14x20 inch [request more information]
1985 Komori L440 [#91726] [image] $Call.
Komorimatic damps with Epic Delta coater/dampener system in 4th unit, PQC console, preloader.
Size: 4 color, 28x40 inch [request more information]
1992 MAN Roland R202LP [#91402] [image] $12,500
Continuous damps, Mabeg feeder, powder spray, register controlled at both units, one refrigeration and recirculation tank.
Size: 2 color, 20x29 inch [request more information]
2005 Komori Spica 429P [#91649] [image] $52,500
Semi autoplate, PQC console on low pile delivery, perfects 2 over 2, chrome impression cylinders. Video available.
Size: 4 color, 20x29 inch [request more information]
1992 Akiyama BT628+C [#91648] [image] $Call.
Bestech model with coater unit, console for ink & register, Royse refrigeration & recirculation tanks, swords for continuous feed.
Size: 6 color, 20x28 inch [request more information]
1990 Heidelberg MOZP [#91428] [image] $14,500
Alcolor damps, CPTronics, perfector, Baldwin refrigeration and recirculation, low pile delivery, CVS color viewing station.
Size: 2 color, 19x25 inch [request more information]
1980 Heidelberg SORSZ [#85996] [image] $15,000 ex site.
Conventional damps, Microcolor II ink key control console, powder spray, pin register.
Size: 2 color, 28x40 inch [request more information]
1984 Heidelberg MOVP [#91657] [image] $26,500
Epic Delta damps, perfector.
Size: 4 color, 19x25 inch [request more information]
1989 Planeta Polygraph Varimat V66A-12SW1 [#90113] [image] $31,500
Epic damps, perfects 5 over 1, refrigeration and recirculation tank, Varicontrol console, Grafix IR dryer(1993), Grafix Digitronic powder spray.
Size: 6 color, 38x50 inch [request more information]
Halm JP-TWOD-6D [#91577] [image] $Call.
Jet envelope press with delivery conveyor.
Size: 2 color, 6 inch [request more information]
1999 Heidelberg SM74-8P [#91696] [image] $Call.
Semi autoplate, Alcolor damps, CPC1.04 console, perfector 4 over 4, remote running register.
Size: 20x29 inch [request more information]
2003 Sakurai Oliver 572EDII [#91610] [image] $37,500
Installed new in 2006. Autoplate, Sakurai SCC console, Pierry IR dryer, 2 Royse tanks. No coater, used 5th unit to coat.
Size: 5 color, 20x28 inch [request more information]



Web Presses

2002 Heidelberg Sunday 2000/16 [#91097] [image] $Call.
Single web, heatset, semi auto plate lock up, PCF1.1 pinless combi folder with double parallel, RGS5 register control, and more.
Size: 4 units, 22.75 inch cut off, 38 inch wide [request more information]
Beck PA19406 [#91783] [image] Call.
Power sheeter (vinyl). Rebuilt early 1990's. With Simco static elimnator adjustable output power unit.
Size: [request more information]
Package of 3 napkin lines & 1 plastic bag packing machine: [#91403] [image] $Call.
2015 Quanzhou Chuangda Machinery CDH-200-400 2 color, makes 4.5x4.5 inch napkins-(Ref #91403); 2015 Quanzhou Chuangda Machinery CDH-200-400 2 color, makes 6.5x6.5 inch napkins-(Ref #91622); 2017 Quanzhou Hengxin Paper Machine HX-CJ-250 3 color, makes 5.5x5.5 inch napkins-(Ref #91623); 2015 Quanzhou Chuangda Machinery CDH-30 Packing Machine compatible with all 3 napkin machines-(Ref #91624). Call or email us for more information!
Size: [request more information]
2007 Goss Uniliner [#91434] [image] $50,000
4 high tower, Baldwin spray bar dampening, Goss remote control of ink keys and register, Acutech no tool lockup.
Size: 4 unit, 22.0 inch (559) cut off x2, 46.0 inch wide (1168mm) [request more information]
2007 WPC Quad Stack [#91145] [image] $Call.
Two Quad Stacks with Prime UV for each. From a Goss press line. Two EPG remote control ink key consoles.
Size: 22.75 inch cut off, 35 inch wide. [request more information]
1990s Goss Community [#90996] [image] $Call.
4 towers of 4 highs (16 units), mostly from mid 1990s, all Goss Community. Manual control of the ink keys.
Size: 22.75 inch cut off, 35 inch wide [request more information]



Post Press Equipment

2013 Horizon BQ470 [#90240] [image] $84,500
4 clamp binder, hand feed unit, PUR hot melt glue, premelt tank, cover feeder with scoring.
Size: [request more information]
2009 Peroni Ruggero M200S [#91784] [image] Call.
Ring-binder assembling line, coated board, fiber board or similar, ring-mechanisms and auto punching rivets with cap standard range.
Size: [request more information]
1969 Ward [#91688] [image] $29,000
Rotary corrugated diecutter with dies, top load, bottom feed, Martin Size 100 delivery. Manufactured by The Ward-Turner Machinery Company.
Size: 66x100 inch [request more information]
1995 Shanklin A27A [#91733] [image] Reduced, now $9,500!
Heat sealer with 1996 Shanklin T-7XL shrink tunnel, hot knife for sealer, and a working rewind.
Size: [request more information]
1987 Sakurai SC112A [#88138] [image] $11,750
Cylinder screen press, great for UV spot coating! Suction pile feeder, two lamp SPE UV curing system with air cooling, push & pull guides. Video available.
Size: 44x31 [request more information]
2017 Atom TC-105G [#91390] [image] $Call.
Screen cylinder press with coater, auto feed, auto delivery, vacuum belt hold down, two UV dryer sections, and screen making equipment.
Size: 28x40 inch [request more information]
Brackett [#91295] [image] $Call.
6 station circular padder, rougher with extraction unit. Water pot chilling unit with refrigeration.
Size: 24 inch [request more information]
2011 ABG Omega 1300 [#90262] [image] $Call.
Web laminator with diecut station, heated rollers, sheeter, Corona treatment.
Size: 13 inch wide [request more information]
2002 Heidelberg ST400 [#91496] [image] $19,500
4- model TAS400 vertical feed pockets and 2 model TAL400 flat feed pockets, all chain space used. One cover feeder model UFA400, model TR400 3KT, 4 Hohner SB50 stitching heads, 2002 Rima Stacker System Model RS-10S 9 1/4 inch. Stitchmaster model.
Size: 6 pockets total [request more information]
2016 Kompac Kwik Finish 32 [#90492] [image] $55,000
Video available. UV and aqueous anilox coating system, IR drying. Can flood and spot coat! High pile feed and delivery. Spot coat with Cyrel plate, can use as diecutter using a magnetic die jacket instead of a blanket on main cylinder. 24 pt. max stock weight. 300 bcm anilox roller.
Size: 22x32 inch [request more information]
2007 Kluge EHG [#90237] [image] $24,500
Diecutter with variable frequency electronic drive with digital central control console, adjustable impression control and self contained hoist system.
Size: 22x30 inch [request more information]
Universal F/G-900XL [#91406] [image] $22,500
Pocket folder gluer with 2020 hot melt glue system.
Size: [request more information]
1998 Kolbus KM470 [#90778] [image] $47,500
Ratiobinder, 16 model ZU801 pockets, 21 clamps, 1998 HD150 trimmer, EVA gluer, conveyors, strapper.
Size: [request more information]
Bielomatic P348 [#91448] $29,500 LOT
These machines are hard to find. Manufacture spiral books, punch, insert and close all in one line. Punch thicker lifts with heavy duty gear driven model P348 punch. Call for pictures.
Size: [request more information]
2015 Challenge 305CMC [#91639] [image] $Call.
Has two for sale, each with manual backgauge setting.
Size: 30.5 inch [request more information]
1969 Bobst SP1420E [#91462] [image] $Call.
Super Autoplaten diecutter, honeycomb chase, 7 chases & plates.
Size: 40x55 inch [request more information]
2016 MBM Triumph Ideal 7260 [#91640] [image] $Call.
Computer backgauge, IR safety beams, air on main. Also has for sale a 2014 Triumph Ideal 5255 20 inch cutter.
Size: 30 inch [request more information]
2016 Petratto Metro SE78A-2,5_M78 [#91526] [image] 91526
Metro 78-2.5 folder gluer, 360 ft per minute. Touch screen function control, plows for small, medium and large folds both right and left equipped with tractors.
Size: Feeder sizes 30x30 inch max blank and 2.5x2.5 min. [request more information]
Heidelberg SBB [#91177] [image] $Call.
Total Register Foil System added in 2001, electronic foil pulls, electro mechanical, full heated back plate, safety cage.
Size: 22x32 inch [request more information]



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