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Digital Printing

2007 OCE Arizona 250GT [#86120] [image] $13,000
UV flatbed printer with roll media option, some new heads, new carriage cable, new UV power supply, and new system drive.
Size: 98x50 inch, CMYK X2 , 8 heads [request more information]
2012 Flora PP2512UV [#90399] [image] $Call.
Flatbed UV printer with 8 Konica Minolta print heads (CMYK, light cyan, light magenta, white, & varnish).
Size: 8 color, 4x8 ft. [request more information]
2008 Fuji Acuity HD-2504 [#90785] [image] $9,500
Hybrid machine flatbed and roll to roll. Heads & nozzles good. Second machine included.
Size: 4 color, 49x98 inch (25x2.49M) [request more information]



Sheetfed Presses

2001-2002 Akiyama J-Print 32 [#90369] [image] $72,000
10 units printing 5 over 5, 6 up press format, semi autoplate, INK fountain preset (CIP3), refrigerated oscillator rollers.
Size: 10 color, 26x32 inch [request more information]
2006 Mitsubishi D3000R-4+C [#89852] [image] $Call.
Autoplate, aqueous coater, perfects 2 over 2, X-Rite Intellitrax closed loop color system, Accel Sentential cartridge ink system.
Size: 28x40 inch [request more information]
1994 Heidelberg 102ZP [#90427] [image] $Call.
Semi autoplate, Alcolor damps, CPC console for ink and register. Used to perf and score, has jacket.
Size: 2 color, 28x40 inch [request more information]
1989 Akiyama BT628+C [#89285] [image] $16,500
Microcolor console, ESS sheet decurler, Royse Space Saver circulation. Press needs work.
Size: 20x28 inch [request more information]
1995 Heidelberg SM74-4+L [#90772] [image] $Call.
Straight press, no perfector, high pile delivery.
Size: 4 color, 20x29 inch [request more information]
2006 Heidelberg CD102-5+L SE [#90557] [image] $5??,000 as is
Blanket coater, CP2000, semi auto plate, Vario damps, continuous delivery, auto roller wash, auto blanket wash.
Size: 28x40 inch [request more information]
1989 Planeta Polygraph Varimat V66A-12SW1 [#90113] [image] $Call.
Epic damps, perfects 5 over 1, refrigeration and recirculation tank, Varicontrol console, Grafix IR dryer(1993), Grafix Digitronic powder spray.
Size: 6 color, 38x50 inch [request more information]
1999 Heidelberg SM102-6P+LX [#90429] [image] $Call.
Autoplate, Alcolor damps, CP2000 press control, perfects 4 over 2, ink cooling, 2 roll coater, extended delivery.
Size: 6 color, 28x40 inch [request more information]
2001 Heidelberg SM102-10P [#90430] [image] $Call.
Autoplate, Alcolor damps, CP2000 press control, perfects 5 over 5, ink cooling, Grafix powder spray,Heid CutStar roll sheeter.
Size: 10 color, 28x40 inch [request more information]
2001 Heidelberg SM74-8P+LX [#90431] [image] $Call.
Semi autoplate, Alcolor damps, CP2000 press control, perfects 4 over 4, ink cooling, 2 roll coater, extended delivery.
Size: 8 color, 20x29 inch [request more information]



Web Presses

1997 Sanden 927 [#90493] [image] $42,000
Single web, variable repeat with 18 inch cassettes and 25.5 inch cassettes. Press ran exclusively for pharmaceutical product inserts. Prime UV lamps after each printing unit-not LED.
Size: 2 units, 27 inch wide [request more information]
Harris V15D/H [#90355] [image] $Call.
Double web, coldset, with automated, remote register control RGS4, running circ and sidelay, JF25B folder with quarter fold, and double parallel?
Size: 8 unit, 22.75 inch cut off, 36 inch wide [request more information]
1986 Harris V25 [#90710] [image] $Call
Coldset, double web, brush damps, running register on top and bottom images. JF25 folder with half and quarter folds, tandem pair Butler 3850-10 UWS splicers.
Size: 5 unit, 22.75 cut off (578) [request more information]
1995-96? Miracle 1500 [#88526] [image] $Call.
Coldset press with motorized running circumference on all units top and bottom controlled from the units. Harris JF10 folder with quarter fold and double parallel. Manual ink fountain keys.
Size: 5 units, 22.75 inch cut off [request more information]
2003 Goss Sunday 2000 [#90194] $1,?00,000
Double web, combi and double former folders, Contiweb splicers.
Size: 8 units, 23-1/8 inch cut off, 38 inch wide [request more information]



Post Press Equipment

2004-(collator & binder) Kolbus KM472A [#90856] [image] $280,000
Hotmelt PUR spine glue EVA side/hinge glue, 15 pockets, 21 clamps. 1988 HD150 trimmer refurbished in 2010.
Size: [request more information]
2007 Horizon BQ270 [#90839] [image] $Call.
Hand feed, EVA glue, side glue wheels?, vacuum waste removal.
Size: [request more information]
1998 Vijuk/GUK SAF45 [#90221] [image] $17,500
4/4, pharmaceutical folder with small piece delivery and new suction feeder unit.
Size: [request more information]
2008 Muller Pantera 1577 [#90751] [image] $Call.
Perfect Binder, 14 pocket, inline 3KT, PUR glue.
Size: [request more information]
1990 Moll Marathon [#88463] [image] $13,500
Dial-a-Feed suction air pile feeder, Final-Fold, delivery conveyor, Valco cold glue pressure system.
Size: [request more information]
2006 Heidelberg Stahl B30, Model 1430B-C-3 [#89476] [image] $19,000
2 right angles (8 page & 16 page), continuous feed, stacker, and gatefold.
Size: 28x40 inch [request more information]
2016 Kompac Kwik Finish 32 [#90492] [image] $Call.
Video available. UV and aqueous anilox coating system, IR drying. Can flood and spot coat! High pile feed and delivery. Spot coat with Cyrel plate, can use as diecutter using a magnetic die jacket instead of a blanket on main cylinder. 24 pt. max stock weight. 300 bcm anilox roller.
Size: 22x32 inch [request more information]
1989 Muller Panda 1530 [#88783] [image] $13,750
18 model 1201 pockets, 9 clamps, cover feeder, waste removal with bag house, Slautterback premelt gluer, (No 3KT).
Size: [request more information]
2006? Rollem TR42 [#88726] [image] $Call.
Double shaft die scoring system with right angle and skip perforation.
Size: 42 inch wide [request more information]
1994 Polar RAB5 [#89151] [image] $1,950, Make offer-will sell today!
Jogger with air removal.
Size: [request more information]
2007 Kluge EHG [#90237] [image] $Call.
Variable frequency electronic drive with digital central control console, adjustable impression control and self contained hoist system.
Size: 22x30 inch [request more information]
1999 Horauf Ecotrimmer SN140 [#89623] [image] $Call.
Standalone 3KT and 4th knife option. Adjustable cassettes and two sets of knives and tools.
Size: 11.8x16.5 inch (300x420mm) max [request more information]
2011 Muller Acoro A7 [#90889] [image] $Call.
22 clamps Type 3027-22, 21 model 3694 pockets-(2014) with ASIR III Signature Recognition System, spine and side glue pots, Rima stacker, 1989 Kolbus trimmer.
Size: [request more information]
1996 Muller Presto [#90371] [image] $17,000
Saddle stitcher with 8 model 1551 pockets, cover feeder, 2 hand feed stations, 3KT, 2 stitcher heads. Video available.
Size: [request more information]
2013 Graphic Whizard XDC660A Vivid Coater [#89874] [image] $Call.
UV or water based coatings. Autofeed and delivery. 3 IR lamps, 1 UV lamp.
Size: 26x25 inch [request more information]
Samed Innovazioni Rebord DARIX [#90567] [image] $Call.
Semi auto casemaker.
Size: [request more information]
2016 Kompac Kwik Finish 20 [#90114] [image] $26,500
UV and aqueous coater, auto feed, UV and IR dryers. Receding stacker. Can flood & spot coat! Video available.
Size: 14x20 inch [request more information]
1998 Vijuk SLIIM-900 [#90201] [image] $5,900
3KT with a belt on the back for delivery of books or you can have them come back to operator.
Size: [request more information]
1988 Kolbus DA36 [#90311] [image] $16,700
Casemaker, fully automatic, all materials auto feed, with round corner attachments. Very clean.
Size: [request more information]
1996 Steinemann UVIMAT 126 [#88337] [image] $16,000
Video available. UV flood coater with auto feed and stacker. Crusher roller, calendar with heated air knife to assist with light stick.
Size: 49x56 inch [request more information]
2006 Automatan EM [#90671] [image] $172,500
Fully automatic, touch screen controlled, water based adhesive Litho-Laminator.
Size: 82x65 inch litho top sheet, 120x80 inch bottom sheet [request more information]
2005? Horizon VAC-100 [#88050] [image] $Call.
Low hours. Three 10 bin towers, SPF-20 Stitcher & Folder, ST-60 Stacker, 2 stitcher heads.
Size: [request more information]
2015 Vega Lyra 1020 [#90334] [image] $Call.
Folder gluer with HHS 6 gun high pressure cold glue system, straight line, auto bottom, double wall and 4-6 corner. Max size 40x31.5 inch. Min. size 5.0x2.2 inch. Materials cardboard less than 750 gsm (36 pt). Corrugated board: E,F,N. Max speed 70,000 ft/hr
Size: [request more information]



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