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Digital Printing

2018 efi Vutek Jetrion 4900M-330 [#91213] [image] $130,000
Great for short run labels. UV inkjet printing system. Roll to roll. Print on paper, film, foil and tag, re-register system print on pre-diecut labels.
Size: 4 color, 13 inch wide [request more information]
2010 HP Indigo 7500 [#91224] [image] $42,000
Press upgraded to a model 7800, has Lauda chiller. Press has its own server.
Size: 5 color [request more information]
2013 Esko Kongsberg XN24SC MultiCUT HP [#91235] [image] $98,500
Cutting table with two slots for interchangeable tools and one slot for the milling bits.Cut folding cartons, corrugated boxes, coraplast, foam core, gater board, vinyl, other plastics and wood.
Size: 66x126 inch [request more information]
2017 Agfa JETI MIRA 2732 LED [#91227] [image] $Call.
High speed print 248 square meters per hour. Six color CMYK, light cyan and light magenta plus white. LED UV Lamps. Flatbed model.
Size: 105 inch wide print width. [request more information]



Sheetfed Presses

2001-2002 Akiyama J-Print 32 [#90369] [image] $42,000
10 units printing 5 over 5, 6 up press format, semi autoplate, INK fountain preset (CIP3), refrigerated oscillator rollers.
Size: 10 color, 26x32 inch [request more information]
2007 Heidelberg PM52-4P [#91180] [image] $Call.
Printmaster model, Alcolor damps, console for ink and register control, Baldwin IR dryer.
Size: 4 color, 14x20 inch [request more information]
2015 Ryobi 764E (XL) [#91184] [image] $Call.
SUPER LOW IMPRESSIONS! 6 up press, semi autoplate, double diameter impression and transfer cylinders, print heavy stock up to 24 point (.6mm).
Size: 4 color, 30.12x22.83 (765x580) [request more information]
1980 Heidelberg SORSZ [#85996] [image] $25,000
Conventional damps with
Size: 2 color, 28x40 inch [request more information]
1989 Planeta Polygraph Varimat V66A-12SW1 [#90113] [image] $31,500
Epic damps, perfects 5 over 1, refrigeration and recirculation tank, Varicontrol console, Grafix IR dryer(1993), Grafix Digitronic powder spray.
Size: 6 color, 38x50 inch [request more information]
1999 Shinohara 74VIP+C [#91247] [image] $Call.
Semi autoplate, flood coater, extended delivery, perfects 4 over 2, high pile delivery, CIP3 console, Shinohara damps, touch screen controls, manual presets for delivery.
Size: 6 color, 23x29 inch [request more information]
2006 Shinohara 75V [#90736] [image] $Call.
Autoplate, touch screen controls, medium pile delivery, presets in feeder and delivery. Straight press, no perfector.
Size: 5 color, 23x29 inch [request more information]
2009 Shinohara 52IVP [#91248] [image] $Call.
Semi autoplate, perfector after unit 2, low pile delivery, IR dryer, CIP3 console, Shinohara damps, touch screen controls.
Size: 4 color, 14x20 inch [request more information]
2003 KBA RA105-6+LCXPWHA [#91204] [image] $Call.
KBA board & plastics package, currently only printing with UV ink, Harris & Bruno coater, 12 ft. extended delivery, semi autoplate.
Size: 6 color, 29x41 inch [request more information]



Web Presses

2002 Didde D900 [#90903] [image] $Call.
UV set, single web, 4 over 4 color, run 27lb. pharm stock up to 12 pt. board, coated or uncoated.
Size: 8 unit, 23.5 inch cut off, 20 inch wide [request more information]
1999 Muller Concept [#91069] [image] $Call.
28 & 22 inch cut offs, 10 Prime UV lamps, delivers roll to roll, roll to sheet and roll to fan fold,. and more!
Size: 10 color, 20.5 inch wide [request more information]
1995-96? Miracle 1500 [#88526] [image] $22,500
Coldset press with motorized running circumference on all units top and bottom controlled from the units. Harris JF10 folder with quarter fold and double parallel. Manual ink fountain keys.
Size: 5 units, 22.75 inch cut off [request more information]
2007 WPC Quad Stack [#91145] [image] $Call.
Two Quad Stacks with Prime UV for each. From a Goss press line. Two EPG remote control ink key consoles.
Size: 22.75 inch cut off, 35 inch wide. [request more information]
1990s Goss Community [#90996] [image] $Call.
4 towers of 4 highs (16 units), mostly from mid 1990s, all Goss Community. Manual control of the ink keys.
Size: 22.75 inch cut off, 35 inch wide [request more information]



Post Press Equipment

1998 Bobst Domino 110 Matic 2 [#91134] [image] $Call.
Folder gluer with auto bottom, can do 4 & 6 corner boxes, Pafra MPC Multi Pattern Controller, 2017 Robatech Hotmelt, delivery conveyor with a crush tunnel.
Size: [request more information]
1998 International EG-1100 [#91037] [image] $Call.
Straight line folder gluer (no 4 or 6 corner). Has 2 glue pots. Also included is a Pafra APC glue system with 4 guns.
Size: 43 inch wide. [request more information]
2000 Muller Tigra [#90424] [image] $Call.
Perfect binder, 9 clamp, hand feed, cover feeder.
Size: [request more information]
2004 Ga-Vehren Modular 912 [#91207] [image] $Call.
With MCS Array Imaging System (age 10+ years old) inkjet print station & output table on the end. The biggest carrier it can handle is 9x12 inch. Nordson ProBlue7 single head glue system (capable of using up to 4 heads). Has a camera system for automatic inspection.
Size: [request more information]
1998 Vijuk/GUK SAF45 [#90221] [image] $17,500
4/4, pharmaceutical folder with small piece delivery and new suction feeder unit.
Size: [request more information]
2008 Muller Pantera 1577 [#90751] [image] $Call.
Upgraded binder to PUR in 2013. Both PUR and hot melt spine glue pots, Nordson PUR system, side glue pot hot melt only. 14 pockets with Automatic Signature Recognition (ASR).
Size: [request more information]
2005 Autofeeds HSTS3048 [#90500] [image] $Call.
2-sided high speed thermal laminator system (VDF Feeder). Max speed 70ft/minute. MK-II HS Autocutter.
Size: 30x47 inch max. [request more information]
2013 Heidelberg Stahl VFZ-52 [#90906] [image] $17,000
Off line knife folder with stop switch.
Size: [request more information]
2007 Kompac Kwik Finish 20 [#91255] [image] $Call.
UV coater with UV lamps, can do spot coating.
Size: 14x20 inch [request more information]
2006 Heidelberg Stahl B30, Model 1430B-C-3 [#89476] [image] $19,000
32 page unit, continuous feed, stacker, gatefold.
Size: 28x40 inch [request more information]
2015 TEC Lighting TRUVSIL-30A [#91115] [image] $31,500
UV coater, HS pile feeder model 30HSCF, HS pile stacker.
Size: 30 inch [request more information]
2015 Kompac Kwik Finish 32 [#90492] [image] $Call.
Video available. UV and aqueous anilox coating system, IR drying. Can flood and spot coat! High pile feed and delivery. Spot coat with Cyrel plate, can use as diecutter using a magnetic die jacket instead of a blanket on main cylinder. 24 pt. max stock weight. 300 bcm anilox roller.
Size: 22x32 inch [request more information]
1989 Muller Panda 1530 [#88783] [image] $8,500
Perfect Binder with 18 model 1201 pockets, 9 clamps, cover feeder, waste removal with bag house, Slautterback premelt gluer, (No 3KT).
Size: [request more information]
2007 Palamides Delta 703 [#91208] [image] $Call.
Stacker bander.
Size: [request more information]
2012 MBO T535E-C [#91230] [image] $16,000
Right angle and delivery.
Size: 26 inch [request more information]
1994 Polar RAB5 [#89151] [image] $1,950, Make offer-will sell today!
Jogger with air removal.
Size: [request more information]
2007 Kluge EHG [#90237] [image] $28,000
Variable frequency electronic drive with digital central control console, adjustable impression control and self contained hoist system.
Size: 22x30 inch [request more information]
1998 Kolbus KM470 [#90778] [image] $Call.
Ratiobinder, 16 model ZU801 pockets, 21 clamps, 1998 HD150 trimmer, EVA gluer, conveyors, strapper.
Size: [request more information]
1996 PMC F [#91186] [image] $Call.
Hi-Die diecutter.
Size: 7.25x7.25 inch [request more information]
1995 Muller Panda 1530 [#91042] [image] $21,000
Perfect Binder with 10 model 1531 collating pockets, cover pile feeder, Delta model 1537 trimmer with Muller Uno stacker, waste removal on trimmer, reject gate before trimmer. Video available.
Size: [request more information]
Kluge EHE [#89687] [image] $8,500
With 3 pull foil units, electrical motors, covers on the fly wheels, air brake, heated back plate, 2 chases.
Size: 14x22 inch [request more information]
2010 Stahl TH82 [#91228] [image] $Call.
2 right angles, 4/4/4, continuous feed, roll up delivery table and presser stacker.
Size: 32 inch [request more information]
1998 Vijuk SLIIM-900 [#90201] [image] $9,500
3KT with a belt on the back for delivery of books or you can have them come back to operator. Has light beam safety and plexiglass stop plate. Video available.
Size: [request more information]
Muller [#91093] [image] $Call.
Older model 12 pocket signature gatherer.
Size: [request more information]
1999 Heidelberg ST270 [#91231] [image] $18,500
6 pocket stitcher, cover feeder, vacuum waste removal, hand feed station, delivery table.
Size: [request more information]
2012 Baum 31.5 ECO [#91172] [image] $21,000
IR safety beams, air on main table, computer controls.
Size: 31.5 inch [request more information]
1964 Heidelberg SBG [#90683] [image] $14,000
Cylinder diecutter with plexiglass cover. No Inker.
Size: 22x30.25 [request more information]
2005? Horizon VAC-100 [#88050] [image] $Call.
Low hours. Three 10 bin towers, SPF-20 Stitcher & Folder, ST-60 Stacker, 2 stitcher heads.
Size: [request more information]
Heidelberg SBB [#91177] [image] $42,000
Total Register Foil System added in 2001, electronic foil pulls, electro mechanical, full heated back plate, safety cage.
Size: 22x32 inch [request more information]
2015 Duplo DC646 [#91178] [image] $Call.
Sliiter, cutter, creaser with catch tray, conveyor, feed table, infeed.
Size: [request more information]
Brausse SBL 1300SEH [#91205] [image] $Call.
Heated back plate, double stripping, mechanical waste removal.
Size: 50 inch [request more information]



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