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Digital Printing



Sheetfed Presses

2006/2009 Ryobi 754 [#90024] [image] $Call.
LED UV Press, 6 up, 12 page signatures, semi autoplate changer, closed loop ink densitometer system, Ryobimatics with delta effect.
Size: 23x29 inch [request more information]
1994 Heidelberg GTOZ52 [#89017] [image] $17,000
Alcolor damps, CPTronics?, Midlan IR dryer, Royse Space Saver recirculation. Straight press, no perfector. Beautiful, super clean!
Size: 2 color, 14x20 inch [request more information]
1982 Heidelberg 102FPP [#89334] [image] $21,500 AS IS
Alcolor damps, CPC1.02 console, perfects 1 over 4 and 2 over 3, Graphic EXA spray unit, Pierry IR dryer, Baldwin refrigeration and recirculation. Watch the video at https://youtu.be/sj4NsxEA09I
Size: 5 color, 28x40 inch [request more information]
2004 Heidelberg SM74-6P [#90133] $Call.
Autoplate, CPC2000 console, perfects 2 over 4, chiller, IR dryer.
Size: 6 color, 20x29 inch [request more information]
2006 AB Dick 4995A-ICS [#89783] [image] $18,000
Semi autoplate, AB Dick dampening, ICS ink control console, optical plate punch. Used with CIP3 ink fountain.
Size: 4 color, 13x18 inch [request more information]
2007 Ryobi 3304HA [#89958] [image] $19,750
Semi autoplate, PCS-F console, Tresu Royse DWC Dampening Water Circulation, IR dryer, powder spray.
Size: 4 color, 13x18 inch [request more information]
1989 Heidelberg MOZP [#88822] [image] $Call
With Aquatron dampening.
Size: 2 color, 19x25 inch [request more information]
1999 Heidelberg SM74-6P3+L [#89596] [image] $Call.
Semi autoplate, 4 over 2 perfector, first unit used for hickey picking, console ink keys work good.
Size: 6 color, 20x29 inch [request more information]
2007 Komori LS640+CX [#90099] [image] $Call.
Series 45 All Technology Press. Fully automatic plate changer, auto makeready, Komorimatics with delta effect, Harris and Bruno anilox coater, extended delivery, PDC-5 Print Density Control, KMS-IV Komori Management System. And lots more! Watch the video athttps://youtu.be/ZBXmYTK3DDY
Size: 6 color, 28x40 inch [request more information]
2004 Komori NL628P+C [#89222] [image] $149,000
Semi autoplate with bender, Komorimatic damps with delta effect, PQC console, inline tower Harris & Bruno coater, extended delivery, perfector 2 over 4, KMS Komori Monitor System, PDC-S closed loop color scanner.
Size: 6 color, 20x28 inch [request more information]
2000 Akiyama BT628+C [#88521] [image] $33,000
Coater, Akiyama damps?, Royse recirculation, IR dryer and air knives, continuous feed.
Size: 6 color, 20x28 inch [request more information]
1990 Komori L528+C [#90021] [image] $67.500
Komorimatic damps, PQC console, aqueous coater, refrigeration and recirculation.
Size: 5 color, 20x28 inch [request more information]
1997 MAN Roland R306 [#89286] [image] $17,000
Mabeg feeder, Pierry IR dryer, ink & register console, double perfector.
Size: 6 color, 29 inch [request more information]
1989 Planeta Polygraph Varimat V66A-12SW1 [#90113] [image] $Call.
Epic damps, perfects 5 over 1, refrigeration and recirculation tank, Varicontrol console, Grafix IR dryer(1993), Grafix Digitronic powder spray.
Size: 6 color, 38x50 inch [request more information]
1995 Komori L526+CX [#89320] [image] $Call.
Komorimatic damps, PQC console, coater, Grafix IR dryer. Chrome cylinders. Watch the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kF84ZHYIA_Q&feature=youtu.be
Size: 5 color, 20x26 [request more information]
2001 Heidelberg SM52-5P3+L [#89433] [image] $Call.
Autoplate, Alcolor damps, Aqueous coater, CPC2000 console with scanning ink measurement, perfects 3 over 2.
Size: 5 color, 14x20 inch [request more information]
2007 Komori LS640+CX [#89899] [image] $Call.
Full autoplate, Harris and Bruno anilox coater, extended delivery, fully auto color density control with PDC-S11 spectrometer scanner. Watch the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVskyXVgvIs&feature=youtu.be
Size: 6 color, 28x40 inch [request more information]
1999 Akiyama J-Print [#89911] [image] $145,000
Semi autoplate, dual consoles one with scanner, prints blanket to hard impression cylinder, Akiyama damps with delta effect. No coater.
Size: 12 color, 28x40 inch [request more information]



Web Presses

1997 Heidelberg Harris V30 [#89764] [image] $79,950
Coldset, 2 folders JF35 with quarter fold and 2nd folder with quarter and double parallel, 4 Martin EC Plus splicers.
Size: 4 unit, 22.75 inch cut off [request more information]
1996 Heidelberg Harris M130 [#90144] [image] $Call.
Heatset, double web, Hantscho quick change combi folder DP and quarter fold. Duotrol damps, Telecolor I console.
Size: 8 unit, 22.75 inch cut off, 38 inch wide [request more information]
1995-96? Miracle 1500 [#88526] [image] $Call.
Coldset press with motorized running circumference on all units top and bottom controlled from the units. Harris JF10 folder with quarter fold and double parallel. Manual ink fountain keys.
Size: 5 unit, 22.75 inch cut off [request more information]
Hantscho Mark 4 [#89909] [image] $Call.
Heatset, triple web press, Hantscho H45? combi folder with DP, updated Allen Bradley drive.
Size: 4 unit, 22.75 inch cu off, 36 inch wide [request more information]
2002 WPC Quad Stack [#89997] [image] $Call.
4-high unit, all units register control top and bottom. Plate and blanket cylinders good. Stainless steel cylinders.
Size: 22.75 inch cut off [request more information]
1998 Propheteer 1300L [#89986] [image] $25,000
Flexo press with hot air and IR dryer. Only 1 unit, the last with UV dryer for possible UV coating. AAA UV in the last unit only. 3 die stations, laminating station.
Size: 6 units, 13 inch wide [request more information]
2003 Goss Sunday 2000 [#90194] $Call.
Double web, combi and double former folders, Contiweb splicers.
Size: 23-1/8 inch cut off, 38 inch wide [request more information]



Post Press Equipment

1988? Sakurai SC112A [#88138-AB] [image] $25,500
Cylinder screen press with suction pile feeder, two lamp SPE UV curing system with air conditioner, push and pull guides, and more. Watch the video at https://youtu.be/XnMeaip61dY
Size: 44 inch wide [request more information]
Thomson 10-8-7 [#89598] [image] $14,000
Clamshell diecutter, screw holes for dies.
Size: 44x66 inch [request more information]
1995 Thomson 29X41 [#90207] [image] $Call.
Electric clutch and break. Selector switch for single or continuous operation. Open dwell timer. 100 tonnage.
Size: 29x41 inch [request more information]
1990 Moll Marathon [#88463] [image] $13,500
Dial-a-Feed suction air pile feeder, Final-Fold, delivery conveyor, Valco cold glue pressure system.
Size: [request more information]
2005 Heidelberg ST270 [#89651] [image] $13,500 Loaded!
8 pockets, cover feeder, Signature Recognition, two stitcher heads.
Size: [request more information]
2004 Horizon VAC-100 [#89147] [image] $8,000
10 bin collator tower, SPF-20 Stitcher and Folder, stacker.
Size: [request more information]
1973 Johannisberg 104S [#89666] [image] $Call.
40 inch auto feed diecut option! 2 chases, feeder and delivery same side, double loader.
Size: 28x41 inch [request more information]
2003 Sitma 905 [#89907] [image] $Call.
Polybagger, 12 pocket, can run shrink or poly. Runs inline with Shanklin 3-zone shrink tunnel and Kirk Rudy stacker.
Size: [request more information]
1989 Muller Panda 1530 [#88783] [image] $Price reduced! Call!
18 model 1201 pockets, 9 clamps, cover feeder, waste removal with bag house, Slautterback premelt gluer, 1982? Wohlenberg 44FM50 inline rapid 3KT.
Size: [request more information]
1987 Bobst SPO1600 [#89716] [image] $72,500 AS IS
SPO model is set up for corrugated. 2011 centerline registration system new from Bobst, upgraded drive. Not selling the SPO in North America.
Size: 63 inch [request more information]
1990 MBO B26 [#89712] [image] $7,500
4/4/4/2, continuous feed, three right angles, 32 page signatures, roll up delivery, collars for scoring and perfiorating.
Size: [request more information]
2002 Polar 137ED-AT [#90184] [image] $Call.
Autotrim cutter with side tables, 1991 model TR1ER 145/3 Transomat unloader, and Knorr RLA 3-P jogger.
Size: 54 inch [request more information]
1995? MBO B30-C [#89850] [image] $6,000
4/4/4/2, continuous feed, 3 right angles.
Size: 30 inch [request more information]
1999 Kugler 340-2 [#89873] [image] $18,000
Punch with round hole 9/32 and 1/4 inch dies. Minimum size 4.25 x 4.25 inch.
Size: 14x14 inch [request more information]
2009? Kompac Kwik Finish KF-20A [#89232] [image] $14,500
UV coater for spot and flood coating with auto feed, coats up to 16pt. cover. Perfect for offset or digital outputs. Watch the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayR5qh7z4qg&feature=youtu.be
Size: 14x20 inch [request more information]
1996 Brausse SBL1050SE [#90192] [image] $70,000
Autoplaten diecutter with stripping, continuous feed and delivery. Rated 7000 SPH.
Size: 29x41 inch [request more information]
2001 Muller Minuteman 1509 [#90146] [image] $Call.
6 model 1522 pockets, cover feeder, hand feed station, vacuum waste removal, delivery conveyor, one vacuum pump.
Size: [request more information]
1995 Shanklin T-7XL [#90028] [image] $4,500
Shrink tunnel.
Size: [request more information]
2008 Sakurai SC102A2 [#89519] [image] $Call.
Olec IR dryer and 2 lamp UV dryer with AC cooling. Olec DS descending pile stacker.
Size: 28x40 inch [request more information]
Horizon BQ270 [#89826] [image] $Call.
Perfect Binder.
Size: [request more information]
2000? Stik-It 4280 [#90149] [image] $Call.
Tape applicator with 5 tape heads.
Size: [request more information]
1999 Muller Prima 390.0400 [#90145] [image] $Call.
6 pockets, cover feeder, 360 trimmer, vacuum waste removal, delivers to conveyor belt.
Size: [request more information]
1994? Iijima JFB1300 [#89900] [image] $130,000
Blanking diecutter. Mabeg feeder 2 years old. More than 5 cutting chases, 2 stripping frames & 2 blanker frames.
Size: 51 inch [request more information]
2018 Challenge Titan 230TC [#90179] [image] $Call.
Like new. Programmable 10.5 inch color touch screen TC controller, IR safety beams.
Size: 23 inch [request more information]



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